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Can Alab host my child’s party?

Yes, also his baptism/ wedding/ album launch/ baby shower/ graduation party/ coming-out bash and meetings just to name a few.

Why Alab?

Because Alab is passion. Something you can’t keep inside and you need to let it out. It eats you up and changes you chemically, to be that light that leads the way. It brings people together to warm their bodies over a delicious meal on a cold night. It helps local goods producers to sell their products and be known internationally. It brings together the unpopular pieces of local cuisine’s history and gives them the spotlight for a change.

Where is Alab?

67 Scout Rallos, near the corner of Tomas Morato across Shakey’s

What is Alab

Alab is a restaurant that serves true-to-taste classic Filipino dishes without the fuss of bandiritas in your face.

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